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Jenn & Brendon's Day-After Wedding Session in a Snowstorm, Upstate New York

All of this snow that we just got (FINALLY, am I right?) has me reminiscing a little bit.

In 2020, I shot Jenn & Brendon's magical winter wedding - everything was just perfect. A few days later, a huge snowstorm rolled in and I texted them like "hey, did you send your suit & dress in to get cleaned yet? If not.... wanna play in the snow?" So we frolicked, we froze a little bit, and it was magical.

Just recently, I had the honor of shooting J+B's maternity session in Congress Park, right where their wedding portraits were. It was such a special callback that made my heart so happy - and just a few weeks ago they welcomed their sweet sweet baby Evelyn into the world <3. I will absolutely be blogging their maternity session soon, so for now - hang tight & enjoy these snowy photos! J+B - love you guys, I am so so happy for you!!

HL <3

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