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About Me

I'm Hannah Kuznia - a wedding photographer in Upstate NY that just loves love.


Someone told me recently that it's obvious by watching me while I work that I am just as moved by the wedding day as my clients (the people actually getting married) are. I approach every day with a very deliberate, loving attitude because I am just so incredibly happy to be there. 


I do this because being able to figure out what makes a couple laugh, and to immortalize their love in photographs drives me. I love to play a small part in making my clients' big day absolutely flawless. There are billions of people on this planet - each with their own unique values, background, outlook on life, and support system. No two individuals are the same, just as no two couples are the same. It really means a lot to me to get to see what all these different partnerships are like, and then to find a way to uniquely represent their love and the love of their support systems - their families and friends - on the day of.


Documenting the joy a wedding and the special bonds that hold people together is not just a career to me - it’s a privilege that I am thankful for every single day.


I started working weddings in 2015 as an assistant, so I learned about how a wedding day works from the ground up. 


I started at the bottom: I was the one keeping the timeline straight and powering through massive lists of family formals, checking to make sure everyone in the photos looked perfect, and positioning people who needed it. I'm glad I got into weddings this way, because now I have a really keen sense of how to structure a photography timeline, and can kindly wrangle wedding guests and extended family like no other.  


In addition to having the experience on the vendor side of things, I'm a newlywed myself so I just experienced the wedding planning process from the bride's perspective. I know how important it is to feel special, valued, and heard in those precious months you have while you plan your celebration.


Aside from a strong portfolio and unquestionable know-how, I want to bring a genuine personal connection to the table. I like to think of this exchange as the most meaningful customer service interaction of your life. Plus, when your photographer makes you feel at ease, it shows in the pictures - that's the key to looking gorgeous and in love.

I've come up with a quick test for potential clients to see if we are a good fit for each other. Let's see how we match up:

1. If you're "kind of over Taylor Swift" because of ..."sports" ... -- we might not be a match :(

But... if your partner is a big ... "sports" ... person and you like to troll them by saying she "put Travis Kelce on the map" - we will for sure get along. 

2. If you scream "Stick Season" by Noah Kahan at the top of your lungs, we're destined to be together.

3. If you don't mind a well-placed expletive, we'll get along just fine.

4. If you like to laugh, get fucking ready.

5. If you're a cat person, I want to show you 25 pictures of mine. If you're a dog person who is cool with cats, we can work through our differences together.

Long story short - I will charm your dad with my self-effacing jokes, but I will NEVER make him watch you watch the front door all night willing me to come to your 21st birthday party (or wedding) - I'll be early. 

​I count myself very lucky that I found my person already. In October 2019 I married my husband Tyler, and it was truly the most magical day of my life. It was such a fun ride being the bride, and being a newlywed is a truly amazing feeling! Part of what informs my photography is my firsthand knowledge of that desperate desire that every person feels to create beautiful, loving, carefree photographic memories with the love of their life.

During my downtime, I like to read, take walks, go out to eat (I'm a major foodie), and hang out with my fiance, family and my two cats, "the twin tabbies" Toby and Rory. I love those little orange goofballs so much. My toxic trait is brunch, I love Italian food, and I will never turn down a gorgeous glass of white wine.

Instead of adopting a Covid pet (I already have too many pets, lol), I created a wedding planning podcast during quarantine to help fellow NY bride-to-be's and newlyweds navigate everything life throws at you after you put that sparkly ring on. Give us a listen for that A1 advice!

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My Core Values:

Let's be honest: the wedding industry is bright and flashy and full of various personalities.


The great thing about being a bride or groom in 2024 is that you have THE WORLD at your fingertips.


You get to decide which of those personalities show up to your wedding... and if you choose vendors who share your values, you'll have the beast freakin' day.

I made my business with the intention of serving  likeminded individuals who are looking for more than "just a vendor" to check a box on their wedding day.  


  • Don't sweat the small stuff

  • March to the beat of your own drum :)

  • The more Office references, the better

  • We are all equal. Status isn't real.

  • Love is love.

  • Believe the best in people

  • Be kind

  • Every human being deserves respect

  • Collaboration makes the world go round

  • Gifts should be given "just because"

  • Our time on earth is precious, treasure it

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