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Wedding Photography FAQs

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

"I don't even know what to ask" is the most common sentence heard on any given wedding photography inquiry call. Here's the basics for you + my answers:

Tell me about your approach.

I have a photojournalistic approach with an emphasis on candid, natural moments. That said, I also understand the importance of posing and feel comfortable giving direction. I have a never-ending list of good poses running through my head that I will share if we're in need of a switch-up. My cousin Matt once told me: "... realize that no one will remember the food or what songs were played or what kind of table linen you used or the accent colors you labored over, they'll just remember the people that make them happy and how they feel seeing you happy" -- and I strive with every wedding to capture exactly how everyone felt, the small looks that were exchanged... and all the details so nobody forgets ANYTHING. 

Do you edit each of the photographs?

I select the best images of your day that work together to tell your cohesive story, and then edit all of the selected images to perfection before sending them your way.

How many images on average are delivered?

This number changes case by case and is more of an estimate than anything - prep, time spent, number of formals, and guest count can all have an effect on this outcome. For an 8-hour wedding, I typically deliver roughly 1400 images give or take.

Do you make some photographs black and white depending on how you think they look? Is there an upcharge for that type of thing or is it just a creative discretion thing? 

I make photographs black and white depending on what tells the best story. I can go back in and make photographs black and white if you request it! There is no upcharge unless you want more than 30 of them converted after the fact.

Do you have an emergency plan - what happens if something prevents you from getting to the wedding?

I always suggest you book a package with me that has a second shooter - that way they will be on their way in case of an emergency, I will try their my best to enlist a professional photographer in the area to make it there if there is an "act of god" emergency the day of. I have spare batteries, spare memory cards, a spare camera/spare lenses, and a file backup system for my computer / hard drives. I plan for the worst, hope for the best, always.

Is there a travel fee to / from our venue? What about lodging fees? 

This depends on distance traveled and is taken case-by-case. Let's talk about it!

Do you offer discounts?

Offering discounts just wouldn't be fair to my clients who happily pay full price for the HLP experience. I certainly can work out payment plans, but pricing is firm. Thank you for understanding!

Can we add extra time to our package?

Yes! Extra time may be applied at a rate of $500/hour. I do ask that if you're thinking you want more time, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance of your event, as I prepare differently for a 10 hour day than I would, say, an 8 hour day.

Can I do whatever I want with my pictures?

Yes, yes, absolutely! Share em, post em, print em, they're yours!

Are you skilled with posing? Are you comfortable taking candids? 

Absolutely. My style is photojournalistic & natural, yet I have a constant list of poses that I love to use in my head and ready for you and your spouse. Just check my portfolio!

Do you have a second shooter? What is the charge to add a second shooter?

A "second shooter" means a secondary photographer who will be there during the day to capture the artistic angles and extra details that the primary photographer won't. The primary photographer is focused on getting, say, a shot of the first kiss during the ceremony while the second shooter might be capturing the mother of the bride's happy tears with the couple blurred out in the foreground. Most of my wedding packages include both a second shooter and a wedding day assistant.

Do you  have an assistant with you to tend to things like timelines + shot lists?

A photographer's assistant is a huge help! Once again, not every budget can accommodate an assistant and not every photographer uses one, but I think it makes the whole day go smoother.  I do have assistant packages and the prices are listed on my pricing/package list! Sometimes, a second shooter is enough to cover the assistant role and I can advise you on whether or not I think we need one, depending on wedding, size, etc.

Do you develop + deliver a photographic timeline for the wedding?

Oh yes. I will develop a custom timeline for you to share with family, friends, the bridal party & groomsmen before hand so everyone knows where they need to be and where we will be throughout the day. I get your shot list & make suggestions on logistics & details. 

How long after the engagement shoot can we expect our photographs?

My delivery time ranges, but a good estimate is 4-6 weeks.

How long after the wedding can we expect our photographs?

I try to give 8-10 weeks to work my artistic magic on your wedding photographs. Timing depends on how busy that season is. Don't worry, you'll get sneak peeks very soon after your shoot ;)

One of the most important things to me is that my photographer clicks with us as a couple and will fit the vibe of the wedding. Can you speak to that?

I can't tell you how many times I've felt stressed out as a guest when the photographer at a wedding was unfriendly or just plain rude. I value kindness, positivity, and efficiency. I am there at your wedding as a vendor, and will behave respectfully, will try my best to study and remember everyone's names, and make it my mission to blend in with the vibe of your wedding. 

What will you wear to our wedding?

Something cute, but sensible. I try to match the vibe while also making sure I can crawl around on the ground or climb up things for the best shot without flashing your guests. I basically try to dress like a guest so that if I end up in the background of a photo, I'm not sticking out like a sore thumb. Examples below:

Is blemish + flyaway removal included?

Blemishes will be taken out when visible! Flyaways will be examined on a case by case basis. We do not do extensive body or hair photoshopping. Extra editing projects (Photoshop removal of people or excess correction may or may not be an extra charge, but is considered on a case-by-case basis).

Do you send high resolution NON watermarked images back after the fact?

Of course. I only watermark images when I am blogging or marketing for myself. These images are your memories and I wouldn't dare slap my name on the finished product I send you.

Can I see a wedding album from start to finish?

Yes - ask me when you reach out and I'll invite you to a few galleries of mine!

Are my photos done? 

Cheeky response: check your inbox - if there's no email from me, I'm still obsessing over each and every picture to make sure I love it before I send it to you. If it's been more than the 8-10 weeks turnaround time I estimate, you can drop a line.... but if it's been less, please let the creature (me) work on your memories in peace XD

What if you can't make it to our wedding?

I can count on half a hand the things that would prevent me from coming to your wedding: hospitalization or unforeseen tragedy.

​In the event that I am hospitalized or taken away to deal with some (knock on wood) horrible tragedy, I have a contingency plan. My second shooter and assistant (if they're included in your package) will still be en route to fill my role, and they will have already been briefed on your event and have our timeline printed so they know everything about the day's plan. I have great confidence in my team as we are all photographers with a desire to tell a great story and make people happy. I will also check in with my local network of pro photo pals and try my damndest to hire one of them to head out to provide additional support.

Tell me about your gear.

We use professional equipment from Nikon & Canon, along with a myriad of lenses, and on-camera and off-camera flash for when the available light doesn't cut it. We have backups of everything in case equipment gets damaged. We also backup the memory cards your wedding is shot on and store them in a fireproof container while we edit your stuff. Safety is my #1.

How do you deliver photos?


Have you shot at our venue?

Truly - this doesn't really matter. Regardless of whether we've been to your venue or not, we always research the best photo spots beforehand, and tend to show up early to scout things out so we make sure we make the most of your time there. That said, I know it's nice to have a visual aid, so here are the places we've shot or assisted either for weddings or engagements:

Upstate NY:

The Inn at Erlowest

The Old Daley on Crooked Lake

The Sagamore Resort

Henry Hill Farm

Emerson Resort & Spa

Stablegate Barn & Vineyard

Saratoga National Golf Club

Top of the World Golf Resort

Hall of Springs

Canfield Casino

60 State Events

90 State Street

The Adelphi Hotel

Franklin Plaza

Shaker Ridge Country Club

Siena College Grotto

Mouzon House

Hiland Park Country Club

Pat's Barn

Lucas Confectionery

Nipmoose Barns

Revolution Hall at Brown's Brewing

Glen Sanders Mansion

Saratoga Lake Golf Club

Oak Mountain

The Georgian Resort

Pond Hill Pavillion

St Peter's Church Saratoga Springs

St. Clements Church Saratoga Springs

Holy Mother and Child Corinth


St. Mary's Ballston Spa

Museum of Dance

Mohawk River Country Club and Chateau

Loft 433

Greywacke Meadows

The Hideaway - Saratoga Lake Golf Course

Saranac Fish & Game Club

Kaaterskill Falls

The Otesaga

The Sablewood

WH Buckley Barn

St. Thomas Church Delmar

677 Prime Century House

The Gideon Putnam

Whiteface Lodge

Mirror Lake Inn

Downstate NY:

Bellport Country Club

620 Garden & Loft NYC

Central Park

Liberty House

New York Botanical Garden

The Lillian and Amy Goldman Stone Mill

Central Park Boathouse / The Loeb Boathouse

Le Chateau

Out of State:

Mount N' Sea Inn ME

Boston Common, MA Boston Seaport, MA

Ocean Gateway, Portlane ME

ECHO Aquarium, VT

Can you recommend a _____ vendor?

Yes! Go here for my faves:

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