This is a great question to ask! If your session has already taken place, rest assured that I am hard at work going through each individual image we took, choosing my favorites, hand-editing it to perfection, and making sure that all of your selected images are delivery-quality. I take my final product very seriously, and give every gallery I deliver the "perfectionist" treatment. For this reason, the magic of your full collection of images takes time to produce.

Please check in below to see the estimated delivery date of your project! While stalking this page (it's okay if you check every day, I would too!) please keep in mind that delivery estimates may change and become longer depending on a myriad of factors. If your date does change, please trust that I am working both as fast and as carefully as I can to ensure your project is immaculate, and will deliver it to you as soon as it is. Please also note that the projects listed are IN SHOOTING + DELIVERY ORDER.

**In fairness to my wedding clients, I edit in order of wedding date.**

Current wait time: MORE OR LESS 16 weeks for weddings, 10 weeks for all other shoots. A bold text on your project means I am currently working on it. An "IN PROGRESS" means your project is very close to being done, but is awaiting finishing touches and it's hard to pinpoint the exact moment of delivery at this time. If there is something pressing going on and you need me to go into your gallery for specific photographs, please don't hesitate to ask! 

I will try to update this as often as I can without sacrificing precious editing time. Depending on what my day looks like on the day of your estimated delivery, your upload may start late at night and go into the wee hours. 

At the bottom of this page, I have a queue of blog posts that will be published in the future. There are no dates on these, they are just here for you to see if your post is on it's way!

LOVE YOU, thank you for your patience & thank you for loving me,


Steph Family at Boston Public Garden - 9/28

Arch & Emily Couples Session - 9/28

Jacob & Kayla Proposal - 9/29

Justine & Kyle at Oak Mountain - 10/3

Elizabeth & Jason at the Central Park Boathouse - 10/14 

Jen & Justin Engagement Session - 10/18

Shayna & Josh Engagement - 10/18

Jessica & Kyle at The State Room - 10/21


Katie & Jason at Erlowest - TBD

Charlotte & Luke at NYBG - TBD

Andrea & Austin Engagement Session - TBD

Bridget & Steven at ECHO Aquarium - TBD

Kerry & Chris at Le Chateau - TBD

Monica & Mike at The Sagamore Resort - TBD

Maddie & Allen Engagement - TBD

Maddesen & Mike Engagement - TBD

Gretel & Tyler at Century House - TBD

Alex & David in Portland, ME - TBD

Kelsey & Henry Engagement - TBD

Allie & Collin Engagement - TBD

Lauren & Matt at Franklin Plaza - TBD

Kaelyn & Andy at Holiday Valley - TBD

Krystal & Jason at Old Daley - TBD

Marissa & Cody Engagement - TBD

Allie & Michael at Promise Gardens - TBD

Brian & Amanda Engagement NYC - TBD

Mumin & Merna Engagement NYC - TBD

[LAST UPDATED 9/27/2022]


(of already delivered galleries)


Darnall wedding

Sito Wedding

O’Brien wedding

Cassidy Jerrid Wedding 

Bonaker Wedding

Engel wedding

Kennedy wedding

Katie & Billy Wedding 

Hallenbeck Wedding

Brittany-Austin Wedding

Sanchez Wedding 

Boyle Wedding

Rifenberg Wedding

Symons Wedding

Medici Wedding



Elaine Gregg

Byron N fox

Monica + Mike 


Correale Proposal 


Kaitlin Anthony


Bree Kevin N fox

Mia N fox 

Natalie + Kyle

Phillips Proposal

Valenze Proposal

Kally Jeff 

Lorraine Moe N Fox

Sid Proposal

Shine Proposal

Chelsea & James

Lauren & Joe

Leah & Dan

McKenna & Ryan


Esposito Maternity

Vanderzyden Newborn 





Longo Maternity


Samples Maternity

Rohr Family

Shawna Family

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