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Bridget & Steven's Wedding at Echo Aquarium, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

Bridget & Steven

Echo Aquarium | 7.30.22

I'm in love I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!

Bridget & Steven's aquarium wedding back in July of 2022 was the most perfect day. Lots of laughs, lots of nicknames, unique wedding ideas, TWO cats, countless fish & frogs, and infinite love.

On a beautiful sunny morning in 2022, the HLP team and I took off to Burlington, VT, to document the very special and highly-anticipated wedding day of Bridget and Steven. I was really excited about this day for a few reasons:

  1. Bridget & Steven are VERY sweet and fun and funny and I was extremely excited to meet them and work with them because the vibes I got from them were A1/CHEFS KISS. They are cat people who LOVE to laugh and joke around, and have a very sweet sentimental/artistic side to them that I loved from day one.

  2. B+S had some very exciting unique ideas for their wedding day that I was looking forward to experiencing with them: a focus on the groom's getting ready shots instead of the bride's, cats in tuxedos, no wedding party, a "meet and greet" cocktail hour for formal photos, a boat ride into their ceremony, a wedding in an AQUARIUM, B+S to eat dinner with the vendors - yes you read that correctly -, non-traditional upbeat first dance song, lobster hats for the guests to dance around in during the reception, milk and cookies instead of cake. And more!

  3. Burlington is one of my favorite spots ever and I knew we'd have a great time choosing beautiful spots for beautiful portraits.

  4. B+S were sent over to me by Jen & Justin, who happen to be their besties.

So yes... a very exciting day ensued! We arrived at Steven's getting ready spot (the couple's shared home) for some details and hanging-out pictures -- many of which featured their kitties Queso and Guac. Q+G were pretty high on my priority list during this time - the curious kitties sniffed around the invites & lurked in the background of ring shots while I was doing the details, and then Steven put their little tuxedos on and showed me the miniature cat version of the wedding arch that he had constructed... I love cat people. I wish every wedding had cats.

All the while, Bridget was getting ready at the beautiful Hotel Vermont - a place that Bridget and Steven love to go to on their anniversaries! We headed there next for an emotional first look and couples portraits, followed by the meet & greet cocktail hour with some of the couples' nearest and dearest friends and family. Not only did we take group shots during this time, but Bridget and Steven had two special requests:

  1. Pictures in the unique Hotel Vermont robes (since again, one of their favorite spots and the robes are very distinct!)

  2. Pictures of them jumping on the bed.

Obsessed. We should all jump on the bed in our wedding dress, at least once.

After that, we were off to take some pictures along the boardwalk and at the Burlington Community Boathouse Marina, where we would board a private boat to take B+S to their ceremony. Talk about an entrance! We zipped around Lake Champlain for a bit before docking at Echo Aquarium, where their guests could see them walk up the dock and into the building from their ceremony view on the second floor balcony. An emotional ceremony ensued wherein our couple had the most special personal touches: their dear friends officiated, there were many readings from important figures in their lives, and they wrote their own vows. I shed a tear, it's okay.

After that started the PARTY. If I haven't expressed this fully yet, Steven & Bridget are VERY person-oriented. They love their people more than anything and were really looking forward to celebrating with all of the incredible individuals in their family and friend group who support and cherish them. And boy are these two LOVED! They had a receiving line to greet each and every guest with a warm hug and conversation, and then hit cocktail hour to mingle with their guests. Right before cocktail hour ended, Bridget & Steven actually had requested to sit down with their vendors for the night to eat dinner. How sweet!? What a great idea!? We were able to get vendors & the couple fed and spend some quality time, then let B+S go and do their thing with the guests for the rest of the night without a worry :)

Next up: sunset pictures, multiple BEAUTIFUL speeches, a fun carefree first dance to Candyman by Zedd, lobster hats for all the guests to dance to Rock Lobster in... and everyone was let loose to dance the night away. It was the perfect day, and everyone had so much fun. After a few night shots, we said our goodbyes and smiled the whole way home.

Bridget & Steven... (& Guac & Queso...) congratulations! It was such an honor to work as your photographer for this incredible event filled with so much love, laughter, and fun on the lake. The two of you are very special individuals whose love for your crew is unmatched. Your hearts are beautiful, and I am so grateful to have met you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for having us at your special day - hope you had an absolute blast!


Vendor team:

Venue: ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain Hotel: Hotel Vermont

Florist: A Clover and One Bee

Dress Shop / Designer: Bridal Gallery by Yvonne

HMUA: Mirror Mirror / Crystal Doyle

DJ / Band: DJ Craig Mitchell

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU TO ALL-STAR SECOND SHOOTER Dyan Holt and our wonderful assistant Autumn!

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