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Jenn & Brendon's Winter Wedding in Downtown Saratoga Springs, NY

I have a lot of feelings about this wedding. So many feelings, actually, that I've re-read this blog post probably 14 separate times to ensure that is is up to the perfection that is The Wormleys.

Jenn and Brendon are HIGHSCHOOL SWEETHEARTS who have a love that gives me all the feels. Jenn is my bestie Kenzie's cousin and we have all gotten together on multiple occasions for fireside beverages and friendship, so it was cool to be with that group in a ~ professional wedding ~ setting!

Jenn and Brendon's wedding plans, like so many other 2020 couples, were adapted and re-sized for safety as the date drew closer. I was excited to be available on their date to take ALL. THE. PHOTOS. of their very special day.

We started out at the couples' respective family homes, followed by a lovely ceremony in St. Clement's Church, group photos and couples photos at Congress Park's Spirit of Life fountain, a couples portrait victory lap down Broadway to get all the Christmas lights, and then a small private dinner at in Malta.

Everything about this day was just, in a word, joyous. All weddings are, but there is a very special energy that radiates from a big family celebrating the long-awaited union of two people who have been together for so long - two people who are so clearly meant to be together. This entire day was just such an honor to witness - especially with the added fact that I have a personal connection to and v strong love for this couple, it was just magic. Magic magic magic.

Jenn had told me a few times leading up to it all that she thought it would be so amazing to have a little snow cover for the big day! Of course, mother nature was being mother nature and didn't provide us with a white dusting, but when I got the text alert a few days later that the most enormous snowstorm we've seen in years (Winter Storm Flynn) was heading towards Saratoga, I contacted the new Wormleys to say "hey, if you haven't sent your tux to the cleaners or your dress to restoration yet, don't. Post-wedding session BAYBEEEEE" or something like that. We were able to achieve the best of both worlds - a variety of snowy pics, but also no wet dresses or suits on the wedding day.

Those photos will be in a post following this, because I obviously included like 600 images here and I want you to really savor this experience.

Enjoy these highlights - and congratulations to the brand new Mr. & Mrs. Wormley!!

- HL

Church: St. Clement's Church

Dinner: Nanola

Hair: Painted by Ashley Marie

Makeup: Color Me Gorgeous

Stationary: Minted

Florist: Posie Peddler

Bridal Gown: Lily Saratoga

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Suits: Indochino

Cake/Desserts: Cake by Alissa Videographer: Connor Lind HLP Second Shooter: Dyan Holt

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