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Tessa & Cian's Wedding in Washington Park and Glenmont, NY

Tessa & Cian tied the knot on one of the hottest and most beautiful days of Summer 2019! I absolutely love intimate at-home weddings and ceremonies, so it was no surprise that I was totally obsessed with this whole day!

These two met in Miami when Tessa happened to go into a tattoo parlor where Cian was her artist. I love a chance meeting - I've always thought that you can really tell you've found your soulmate when you just happen upon someone when you aren't especially looking for them and things just click in such a way that you feel this indescribable pull towards this person and go with your gut. I love this story. I will always love this story.

Let's start off with how I know Tessa - we went to high school together, and she has been a longtime follower of my work online. I absolutely love when a connection I already know reaches out for coverage on their special day! Not only that, but we really need to discuss her bridal LOOK (a la Indigo Makeup Artistry). Wow - I was so excited when I saw a sneak peek of her makeup trial, and even more excited when I showed up the day of to see that her makeup and hair were done up in the most dreamy, etherial and glamorous bridal look ever! She was seriously serving me so many Khaleesi / goddess / night elf vibes and I'm so happy we were able to do some *dramatic* ring light photos to highlight her striking natural beauty paired with incredible makeup & hair.

We went to Washington Park to do the first look with Cian and then meet up with their three pups! I feel like at every turn there was one more beautiful thing about this wedding that I was obsessed with - dreamy hair & makeup, that bouquet, the kilt, DOGS, beautiful crepe beaded dresses, sage, super meaningful intimate ceremony.... the list goes on but I think the best part was the love they so obviously share with each other!

After a great series of portraits in the park, we returned to the family home for the Singing Bowl ceremony where sage was passed in a circle and a lot of beautiful things were said. I had another one of those "moments" where I just really felt the love and really appreciated the way this profession brings me from group of people to group of people to witness the bond shared by a couple and the love their support system has for them. I felt really grateful for this day, these people, and had the absolute best time making their photo magic happen.

Oh, another cool thing - Tessa's mom Michele's wedding was featured in one of the first issues of Saratoga Bride - how neat!

Congratulations to the happy couple & their pets <3 and thank you so much for having me for your special day!

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