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Laura & Asher's Wedding at Hall of Springs, Saratoga Springs, NY

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Laura + Asher, 5.30.21

I have a heart full of love and rainbows just thinking about this beautiful wedding and these beautiful people.

Laura & Asher first met with me in downtown Saratoga Springs a few years ago to discuss their Hall of Springs wedding plans. We sat next to the (loud) bean grinder at Uncommon Grounds, and got to chit chat about all things wedding, NYC, and Saratoga. When we signed our contract later that week, I didn't yet realize that I I wasn't adding a client to my books - I was adding friends who feel like family. Dream clients. Forever clients.

I had that feeling of "I've found my people" on the November day in 2019 when I took the train down to the city for their engagement shoot - my first ever Central Park engagement. Laura, Asher, and Laura's mom Nancy's kindness, humor, and warmth was infectious and had me completely in love with this trio before I caught my train home. I knew their wedding was going to be VERY special.

In early 2020, just a few months before their original wedding date and a just a little after the entire world shut down, Tyler had the flu and I went to check the mail. Amongst the spam was a rainbow-colored package addressed to me. Me!? Bear in mind, this was before the "boredom" phase of the pandemic before we all got seriously addicted to ordering online, so I was delighted to receive the then-rare treat that was a package. The contents: 6 face masks tie-dyed by hand, and a whole wrist full of rainbow & pearl colored bracelets, hand-crafted to spell my name, "HANNAH". The sender? No other than Laura & Asher. My heart could explode.

2020 proved too risky for the celebration my BFFs (I went there, I've called you my BFFS, and I won't take it back!) were planning, so May 2021 became the new target. Amid a year of uncertainty and challenges, this fantastic crew powered through and ensured that their new celebration could take place when it was safe and responsible to do so. They were able to make it all happen, thankfully, at a time when the mask and dancing mandate was lifted, everyone was vaccinated, and CDC guidelines aligned with their plans. This crew was extremely careful and diligent in ensuring that everything they did was by the book, reasonable, and safe. I am grateful to them for that!

Now, let's dish on the wedding day.

Laura and Asher tied the knot on 5.30.21 at the Hall of Springs - it was an absolutely gorgeous black-tie event that incorporated the perfect mixture of elegant, fun, creative, modern, and traditional wedding day events.

As you look at these photos, you'll see a recurring motif: rainbow sprinkles.

Laura loves rainbows, ESPECIALLY rainbow sprinkles. She has them every night. Have I mentioned I am obsessed with her? Their meticulously curated wedding decor included: rainbow sprinkles by the bowl during the getting ready shots, rainbow sprinkle wedding cake, rainbow sprinkle challah bread, and.. oh yeah. RAINBOW SPRINKLES TO BE TOSSED AT THE BRIDE AND GROOM AS THEY EXIT DOWN THE AISLE. That's right, instead of blowing bubbles or tossing petals, Laura and Asher had their guests toss rainbow sprinkles at them as they exited their ceremony. An absolute dream. So fun.

This wedding was one steeped in whimsy, color, and traditions new and old. The new traditions: tossed rainbow sprinkles, custom-composed songs by family members, first look, sparkler sendoff, etc. Older historic traditions such as the parents giving away the bride, the hora, tisch, the breaking of the glass, exchanging of rings, etc. This day suited this crowd so perfectly.

All in all, I believe this day was about 12-13 hours of shooting, but the day absolutely flew by for me and I didn't register "tired" as a feeling until I was back in my bed at 1:30am. As I was packing up to leave post - 12am sparkler sendoff, Laura, Asher, and I actually decided to sneak away for a night shot against the HOS, incorporating the reflecting pool and beautiful night sky into one last epic shot. It's moments like this and that spontaneous "say yes to life" quality that these two have that I adore so much.

Highlights from this wedding that stick out in my mind:

  • When Laura's family saw her in her wedding dress for the first time - her brother, dad, aunts, and uncles especially - the reactions were absolute priceless. They were so excited.

  • Tossing rainbow sprinkles during the ceremony exit was easily the coolest and most unique thing I've had a couple do. I love those photos and the way the sprinkles gathered in Laura's veil!

  • This was a lively dance floor! People were clearly so excited to celebrate the happy couple, and totally feeling the wedding band! The hora especially was so fun to shoot - each and every couple who went up on chairs looks SO happy and excited.

  • Laura and her mom had so many nice moments on this day. I had it specifically on my list to tail them to capture "LOTS of Laura + Nancy". They share a very special bond, and if you zoom in on the aerial Circle of Life photos, you can see that they are side by side still. Such a great relationship they have!

  • This isn't a wedding highlight, but a highlight from the rehearsal dinner. Aside from the self-composed songs that were sung, there was a cake shaped like a mini Waffle House, which I thought was incredible. You'll see the leftovers in the groom-getting-ready pics.

  • Peep the Dr. Fauci socks our lovely bride was wearing. We all need a pair!

  • These speeches were great. I always love listening to what the closest people to our couples have to say about them. Laura's brother Michael had the room in stitches!

Laura, Asher, and both of their families are very special. I think overall, something that stands out to me when I think about their wedding is just how very special those familial and friendship bonds are. Their special songs (from the last song at their ceremony - The Circle of Life - to the multiple songs their guests composed), their inclusive group shot requests, and the obvious time and care they put into the guest experience really moved me.

I know that by now, you all have moved on to the photos and for that I don't blame you! I just wanted to share an absolute novel about how amazing this day was. Laura & Asher (& Nancy!!) - from the bottom of my heart, CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that this was one of the best days of your lives. Thank you so much for having me by your side on such a grand occasion to play just a lil part in documenting these memories for you. It was an honor, and I look forward to seeing you again!

Love + rainbows,


Shoutout to the amazing vendors on this wedding!

Venue: Hall of Springs

Catering: Mazzone Hospitality

Florals: Posie Peddler

Hair & Makeup: Blush 518

Band: The New York Players

PhotoBooth: Saratoga Photo Booth

Live Painting: Erin Crowley Live Painting

Rentals: All Occasions Chiavari Rentals

Transport: Premiere Transportation

Second Shooter + Assistant: Olivia + Audrey

Video: Eunoia Visuals

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