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Kim & Eldrid's Wedding at Pond Hill Pavilion, Feura Bush, NY

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

When you are shooting a wedding and the bride invites you to ride a tractor to the venue with her and the bridesmaids... you say yes. Because it is amazing. I now think every wedding should include a tractor.

I love love. That might sound like a cliché, but cliché are clichés for a reason. Kim and Eldrid are amazing, genuine people who work really hard at their careers, have enormous hearts, and so much love for each other. Their families & friends consist of the exact type of fun, kind, supportive people that truly make for an amazing wedding experience. They also are big animal lovers, and if you finish reading this entire post you will be able to see A CHICKEN and MULTIPLE PUPPIES amongst these photos which I believe is a serious treat.

Let's rewind the clock to 2010. First of all... can you believe 2010 was almost 10 years ago?! Kim and I sat at the same table during "free period" way back in high school. We ran track together, and I was in the same grade as her sister Steph. Needless to say that when Kim first reached out to me... I knew we'd work some photo magic together. And that we did.

The thought that I spent years as a friendly acquaintance who sat across the table from / attended track meets with this incredible person, and then 10 years later took her wedding photos ... it's just humbling. It reminds me that our whole experience on this planet is just a journey in and out of the lives of others and really makes me feel thankful for the chance to reconnect in this way.

Shooting this wedding and then going through all of these photos was (excuse me for being so dramatic on a Tuesday) an emotional experience. Watching Kim and Eldrid tie the knot, seeing the way they look at each other and laugh with each other, and feeling the close bonds they share with their families really moved me. I tear up at every wedding... or, as this crowd would call it "my eyes sweat" at every wedding... and at this wedding my eyes were extra sweaty.

Kim and Eldrid - thank you so much for being amazing and choosing me to play a small, small part in your big day. Family & friends of Kim and Eldrid - thank you for being so loving, so fun, and so kind! This entire day was an absolute delight to photograph.

Congratulations to these awesome newlyweds!

Now for some shoutouts... shoutout to Pond Hill Pavillion for their amazing (new!) venue, and to Steven Simboli at Music Man Entertainment for rocking the house (and even slipping a few Game of Thrones atmospheric bangers in there) and to Dyan Holt for second shooting with me - you are a true gem!

Second Photographer: Dyan Holt

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