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Kelsey & Henry's Hall of Springs Wedding, Saratoga Springs, NY

Introducing... Mr & Mrs Taylor

KELSEY & HENRY Hall of Springs


My sweet angels Kelsey and Henry tied the knot on the most gorgeous fall day - Saturday October 21st at the Hall of Springs. This was my 100th wedding as Hannah Lux Photography, and I couldn't be happier that I got to spend it with this amazing couple.

I’ve been waiting for this incredible wedding since the first time I met Kelsey. After an email or so back and forth, she came to my studio to chat and see if our vibes matched. Immediately, she sat on the floor and we popped a bottle of champagne and we talked for over an hour about her and Henry, her vision for the wedding, and a lot of other completely unrelated subjects. I could have proposed right there. I was in love, smitten, and I knew that we were going to become really good friends and have the BEST time working together.

When we got together for their engagement shoot, the vision was immaculate; parking garage champagne, Broadway strolling, Cooperstown Distillery drinks... pinch me. I also finally got to meet the man the myth the legend himself who would be marrying my new favorite human: Henry was just like Kelsey – funny, sweet, smart, caring, easygoing. Just from seeing them together in person for the first time I could tell that these two were sooo meant to be together - their love meter was off the charts. It was going to be a good day. And then we started taking pictures and I was like oh shit. Models? They knew exactly what to do - it came to them so easily.

Fast forward about (a long year) to the wedding. This day was perfect. Mother Nature decided we'd have a few showers early in the day, but gifted us with a gorgeous golden sunset, lots of laughs, and all-around good times.

The start of the day consisted of Henry & the guys embarking on a very cool game-day walk followed by the usual male getting ready activities at The Saratoga Hilton. Kelsey & the girls were getting ready at a very chic Airbnb on Grand ave, and I shot her immaculate details, bridesmaids & parents reveals, and cute bed-champagne pop alongside our very talented pals Ryan from Gifford Videography, Rachel from Color Me Gorgeous, and Kelly from The Main Event by Kelly. Both Kelsey and Henry quoted @noahkahanmusic in their pre-wedding letters to eachother, and I won't lie, I was extremely hyped. The day was getting GOOD.

Drive slowly, I know every route in this county: off to the HOS portico area for a very sweet and intimate first look, portraits, and wedding party / family formals - this was such a fun part of the day because Kelsey and Henry were so happy, laughing a lot, and when their crew finally saw them together, they poured out of the HOS and brought the ENERGY for our group shots.

Another part of this day that I loved so much was the ceremony - I mean duh, right? The ceremony is one of the best parts! But I just loved hearing Kelsey & Henry's personal vows, I loved seeing Kelsey walk down the aisle all BREATHTAKING, and the way these two smiled and waved and laughed their way back down the aisle together just gets me right in the feels. After the ceremony, we got some absolutely stunning impromptu golden hour shots (because when the photographer/videographer see a burst of sunshine coming through, everyone hustles to make the magic happen). These two were off to their cocktail hour for snacks and mingling, and then got to celebrate the night away at a reception full of singing, dancing, heart shaped sunglasses, custom-initial espresso martinis, and delicious wedding cake. The perfect end to every night.

This day was filled with so much love and laughter and all the good vibes .. it will forever be one of my favorite weddings that I have ever been a part of, and one I will never forget. Lucky #100!

K+H: people like you are why I do what I do. I feel so blessed to be able to call you my friends, and so honored to have been able to document this special time for you. Working with you and being able to witness firsthand your love and light was truly a highlight of my career and life. Thank you for letting me into your world to meet all of your amazing friends and family, and to learn a little more about what makes you "Kelsey & Henry". You are incredible people with an incredible love. I can’t wait to see you for our next shoot (don't worry reader; it's already on the books), and I’m wishing you many lifetimes of love and happiness. I’ll love you (Forever) - till our fingers decompose.

Cheers to the Taylors!

Love, HL


Photographer  Videographer @giffordvideography 

Florals @twindahlias 

Rentals @totalevents 

Signage @hollywinnieco 

Transport @albanycarservice

Tan @mobiletans_bysteph


Lead: Hannah 

Second: Eric @ericjonphotography 

Assistant: Shannon @shafinn12