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Katie & Isaac's Wedding at The Georgian Lakeside Resort, Lake George, NY

On a perfect sunny day in May, Katie and Isaac tied the knot at The Georgian in Lake George, NY. Katie's mom was the one who found me, and though we all spoke only over the phone and met in person on the day of the wedding, I could tell just by our conversations that this would be a crowd I would fit right in with.

Katie and Isaac are an incredible couple - as a photographer, I am very quick to pick up on the nature of people's relationships. That's because I'm inclined to document them. I look for those stolen moments: little smiles, eye contact sharing an inside joke, a quick kiss on the cheek... you get the picture. This day was extra, extra special since Isaac is in the Marine Corps, and much of their relationship has been spent long distance. This wedding was a celebration of love, and also of being able to just be together at long last.

Katie and Isaac chose to do a "first touch" - if you are unfamiliar, that is a meeting of the bride and groom just prior to their marriage ceremony where they have some time to read each other notes, or pray (as Katie and Isaac chose to do), and then hold hands. It gives the couple some time to focus on each other... but keeps the "big reveal" of the gown, suit, or in this case uniform, a fun surprise for the ceremony. Based on the way Katie and Isaac talked about and to each other, and later on the way that they looked at each other -- let's just say that I might have teared up a few times on this day, and I'm just a hired professional.

I had never been to The Georgian before, but let me tell you - it is truly a hidden gem! A few other things that were neat about this day - there were fireworks, a sparkler sendoff, a TRULY impressive group dance, and I got to meet Jessalyn Meehan of Jessalyn Meehan Films who is probably the coolest videographer in the game. As always, thank you to Olivia Nadel for second shooting and for just generally being awesome.

Katie and Isaac - thank you so much for sharing this wonderful day with me. It was truly and honor to be there to document it for you, and I can't wait to hear what you think about your photos. I'm going to just say that this is probably one of the stand-out HLP weddings of the summer!

- HL

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