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Erin & Jason's Wedding at Henry Hill Farm, Howe's Cave, NY

Erin and Jason are a special couple. They first reached out to me in September of last year to discuss their big day - we got along so well from the start that I knew I had to be their photographer! During their engagement session, these two powered through a really fun but also quite stormy few hours at Thatcher Park, and we dodged raindrops while taking really lovely photos that didn't show quite how thunderous the day itself was. I believe that the engagement session weather gave them good karma for the wedding, because they had truly one of the most beautiful days in September! Mild temperature, no real breeze or humidity, a lovely sky, and the most gently sunset light - truly both a bride and photographer's dream!

While editing their session, I was truly struck by how Erin and Jason's bond with one another photographs. All the little moments I remember witnessing came across just as meaningful and intimate in photo, and I am so happy that they have these little treasures to look at forever and ever. I also really appreciate Erin's enthusiasm for twirling - something every bride must try at one point or another during that night!

It's no secret that autumn is one of my favorite times of year. I love couples that get right to it and decorate by season because it makes their day seem all the more ~ festive ~ ! The mums, pumpkins, honey, and even the decor of their cake and antique dinner plates, along with the already gorgeous interior and exterior of the barn, made this wedding a truly immersive experience - it truly felt like a fairy tale.

This was our first time at Henry Hill Farm, and this super cute venue did not disappoint! Perfect for fall weddings, and with tons and tons of beautiful spots for portraiture... I'd love the chance to shoot there again! We also have to discuss one of my favorite spots here - the ceremony location! The doors, the way the mid-afternoon light hits the trees and illuminates our couple... so magic!

Erin & Jason - thank you so much for having Livi & I at your wedding! It was a joy and truly a great honor to be your wedding photographer, and I wish the two of you the best married life ever <3

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