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Danielle & Kellen's Summer Wedding at Stone Bridge Farm, Saratoga Springs, NY

When I think about Danielle and Kellen's wedding day, there are a few very specific adjectives that come to mind: intentional, family-oriented, nostalgic, glamorous, timeless, loving.

Danielle and I had been following each other for a long time on Instagram when she reached out about her original wedding plans. I was unavailable to shoot on that day, sadly, but was so happy she had reached out. When the pandemic came around, many people re-examined their wedding plans based off not only new mandates and public responsibility, but they also re-examined their plans through a lens of "is this really me"? Danielle reached back out to me with the news that after considering their options, she and Kellen had decided that an intimate gathering of close friends and family at a local venue felt more right for them as a couple - and after spending time with her crew on this day, I agree!

When I say their day was "intentional", I mean that I love to see a wedding day that incorporates all of the little parts of a person's life, and Danielle and Kellen really went above and beyond to include all of the people and businesses that they love on this special occasion. The talented florist behind their gorgeous bouquet and floral pieces, Jenna Malette of Crosshill Heirlooms, is also Danielle's step sister. Their cake (which looked SO delicious and elaborate) was made by Danielle's grandmother. Their DJ, Johnny Martinez, is also the dance instructor who taught the couple the steps to their elegant first dance, which dazzled their guests. Danielle's hair artist, Amy McCann from 560 Salon and Spa in Cobleskill, was her hairdresser growing up. The couple's dogs, Annie and Bella, walked down the aisle before Danielle. Farmacy, the caterer, is Danielle and Kellen's favorite restaurant in Glens Falls. And the officiant for the marriage ceremony, Joe, is Kellen's boss. Every person in attendance and every service hired was selected with purpose, and it added a palpable magical feeling to their air.

What else can I say about this couple? They have such a strong bond of love, and know each other very well. Though they have so many similarities, they love each other for their differences and celebrate them. They both carry themselves with a grace that is pretty rare to find in people - it was genuinely so exciting to shoot with them because of their natural chemistry and the way they are so in sync with each other. Just, all around good people with really good dogs.

From the beginning of the day shooting details in the gorgeous main house on the Stone Bridge property while the girls listened to Beyonce downstairs, to the elegant first look reveal and couples photo session, to the ceremony full of giggles, tears, puppies, and bubbles, and all the way through the intimate multi-course dinner with intermittent speeches both planned and impromptu.... I would call this a perfect day. The kind of day that makes you grateful to be exactly where you are with the people you're there with. So, Danielle and Kellen, thank you for having me. It was truly a privilege to celebrate with you and I wish you all of the happiness in the world <3 <3


PS, if you scroll long enough there are horses.

Shoutout to the amazing vendor team from this day:

Florist: Crosshill Heirlooms

Cake: Linda Hall - Grandmother of the bride

Planning: Events to a T

Venue: Stone Bridge Farm Hospitality

DJ + Dance Instructor: Johnny Martinez

Hair: Amy McCann - 560 Salon and Spa

Makeup: Carina Scott Makeup

Caterer: Farmacy

Officiant: Joe Koncikowski

Photography: Hannah Lux Photography

Second Shooter: Beth Cleveland of Beth Cleveland Photography

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