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Courtney & Jeff's Wedding in Albany, NY

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Courtney & Jeff found me though my n.Fox engagement session promotion, and after their gorgeous early summer engagement shoot this year, I knew their wedding would be an absolute dream.

It's no secret that autumn weddings hold a special place in my heart. A native Upstate NY'er and autumn bride myself, I've always felt like the change of season from Summer to Fall isn't just a temperature change.... it's a shift in mood and mindset. We hold each other closer, we count our blessings more often, and when we go outside we smell that distinct smell and hear that distinct crunch of leaves. We open our eyes and the world has become blanketed in a different color. Our homes get a festive makeover both inside and out. Yeah. Autumn is the bomb.

Originally this special day was going to be at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs, but the pandemic changed those plans. Not wanting to push off their wedding date, Courtney and Jeff instead planned to have their wedding at a private residence that absolutely blew me away. You'll be able to tell from the pictures that this private property has everything a wedding venue has, and maybe even more. It was perfect.

Starting out at The Pavillion Grand Hotel in Saratoga Springs for some gorgeous getting ready shots, Courtney and Jeff then took separate limos down to their venue for an emotional first look, gorgeous couples portraits, family formals and then a moving wedding ceremony where they had a "beer mixing" - there's nothing I love more than seeing people in fancy attire drink giant glasses of beer. You'll get it when you see it. Also, I need to note that their first dance to a band version of "Halo" Beyonce had me in tears.

Something impressive about this wedding (and actually all of my weddings in this crazy time) is how incredibly safe it was. Custom masks, hand sanitizer everywhere, everything outdoors within reason, and a guest list well under the state limit. There is a way to make a gorgeous wedding happen while still being responsible, and they absolutely crushed it y'all!

Courtney & Jeff - your wedding day is the perfect embodiment of how love is not cancelled even though this crazy quarantime. Your Plan B was just as perfect, if not even better, than your Plan A. Getting to be with you through the ups and downs of replanning and documenting every perfect second of your wedding day was an absolute privilege.

Here's to infinite years of happiness and love <3


And the biggest of thank you's to my brilliant and hard working second shooter on this wedding, Livy (from Olivia Nadel Photogrpahy)!