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Chris & Kady's Wedding at Brown's Revolution Hall, Troy, NY

Chris & Kady's wedding was a day that made my heart so happy. From start to finish, the energy of this wonderful November wedding was just everything. We started with getting ready shots at a downtown Troy hotel, then Sage Park for portraits (one of my favorite Troy spots to shoot!), and lastly we ended the night at Brown's Revolution Hall for the ceremony & reception - my first time there!

Kady and Chris are 1. the cutest sweet bb angels I've ever met in my entire life and 2. an absolute freakin' joy to photograph. Seriously, look at these photos and you'll be able to see how much fun these two have together - and also how much fun these two have with their whole wedding party / guest list! No lie, the wedding party photos we took on that day were making me crack up as I edited them because they were just so happy, lighthearted and lively - everything a wedding should be!

Take a look at this day that is so special to me because of the love my clients got to share and the amazing, electric energy of this fantastic late-autumn wedding. I remember this day fondly and feel so incredibly lucky to have been there to turn these moments into memories for this amazing group of people. Thank you so much Kady & Chris, and congratulations again on your marriage!

Dress: Lily Saratoga

Florist: Felthousen's Florist

Cake: Villa Italia

Ice Cream: King’s Dairy

Videography: Mike Scotto

DJ: Mo Haskins

Second Photographer: Big thank you to Olivia Nadel (Olivia Nadel Photography) for second shooting this wedding with me!

PS - happy 2021, everyone!

- HL

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