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keren & brett

Hannah was quite literally the best thing that happened to us throughout the craziness that is planning a wedding during COVID-19. Our venue was unable to host our wedding as a result of covid-19 and hannah stood by our side as we figured out what to do and were able to plan a last minute small celebration in my husband’s parents’ backyard (3 hours away from our original venue). Hannah is professional and kind - and the best part is that her pictures are INSANELY GORGEOUS!!!! I don’t generally write reviews but I wanted anyone planning a wedding and looking for a photographer to know how amazing it is to work with Hannah, both during the fun parts and the difficult parts of wedding planning. Her assistant Dyan was also absolutely wonderful.

all the love

Welcome to my happy place!

My name is Hannah "Lux" Kuznia: dad joke aficionado, sunset chaser, professional hype "han".


I'm a big fan of love, cats, and Italian food. I've been in the wedding biz since I graduated with a surprisingly useful Bachelor's degree in photography from SUNY Oneonta in 2015, and I'm loving every second of this whole professional third-wheelin gig I've got going on here.

Why do I live to capture love stories? A question I visit daily. There are over 6.9 billion people on this planet - each with their own unique values, background, outlook on life, and support system. No two individuals are the same, just as no two couples are the same. It really makes a mark on me to get to see what all these different partnerships are like, and then to find a way to uniquely represent your love and the love of your support systems - your family and friends - on the best day of your life. Documenting the joy of a wedding and special bonds that hold people together is not just a career to me - it’s a privilege that I am thankful for each and every day.

Are we right for each other? That's a question you've already figured out with your fiancé, and it's important to do the same with your photographer! I very firmly believe that a photographer who feels more like an old pal = wayyy better photos. I'm in the business of making memories, going the extra mile to make my clients happy, and cracking endlessly cheesy dad jokes just to make you smile. Think we're a good fit for your big day? Let's have a conversation!

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Hannah Lux Photography is an LGBT+ safe space and proudly serves all couples in love with absolutely no bias based in sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, family structure, age, or immigration status. Love is love.