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Zoe & James in Sage Park and Thatcher Park, NY

LITERALLY, I don't know what to say. Only because Zoe and James, and their little pupperino (don'[t worry, you'll see) are awesome. They have that "we love each other, we're best friends, partners in crime, and totally on the same page" vibe and I honestly live for it. Who wouldn't?!

Taking their pictures in Downtown Troy and then Thatcher Park in Albany was.. yes, very chilly, but also a dream. I honestly love these photos. We stuck out the lesser-limb numbness, kept calm, and carried on. Food for thought: a photographer with a fancy camera does not a good picture make. There's something to be said about the awesome vibe the couple brings to the table! Zoe and James -- You guys rocked it and I literally cannot wait for your September wedding!

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