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Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Every single time I talk to someone about my wedding, I am asked how I managed to choose one for myself. Here's a list of all the questions I asked when I was interviewing photographers. I ended up choosing Katie Finnerty Photography out of Rochester, NY -- she answered all my questions and quelled all my fears!

Tell me about your approach.

Do you personally edit each of the photos?

How many photos on average are delivered?

Do you make some photos black and white depending on how you think they look? Is there an upcharge for that type of thing or is it just a creative discretion thing? 

Do you have an emergency plan - what happens if something prevents you from getting to the wedding?

Is there a travel fee to / from our venue? What about lodging fees? 

Do we share copyrights? Can you sell my pictures to other people?

Can I do whatever I want with my pictures?

Do you have a second photographer? What is the charge to add a "second shooter"?

Do you  have an assistant with you to tend to things like timelines + shot lists?

Do you develop + deliver a photographic timeline for the wedding?

How long after the engagement shoot can we expect the photos?

How long after the wedding can we expect the photos?

What is the turnaround time on the wedding album?

One of the most important things to me is that my photographer clicks with us as a couple and will fit the vibe of the wedding. Can you speak to that?

Is blemish + flyaway removal included?

Do you send high resolution NON watermarked images back after the fact?

Can I see a wedding album from start to finish?

Tell me about any hidden fees...

*Obviously, these are just what I was hoping to learn from my photography candidates. Do your research and fill in any gaps I might've missed if you're thinking of using my list!

Do you want to know what answers I was looking for? Let me know in the comments and I'll publish a Part 2.
Image by my wedding photographer - Katie Finnerty Photography

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