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Taco Bell Cantina Engagement Session with Jackie and Todd in FiDi, New York, NYC

I had a BAJA BLAST taking Todd & Jackie's engagement photos at the Taco Bell Cantina in FiDi, NYC.

Todd is one of my husband Tyler's good friends from college, and he and Jackie are the absolute best people. I just love when our friends reach out to me to cover these special milestones, and when Jackie DM'd me on insta with her vision of an engagement shoot that would incorporate one of her and Todd's favorite things - Taco Bell - I was like... say no more. I'm already there.

These engagement photographs are so fun and so special - we even got to roam around some cute locations close to the Cantina with our bag of food & Baja Blasts in tow, and we finished our shoot on a friend's top-floor balcony with a really stunning view of the area. TACO BOUT A GOOD TIME. Okay, done with puns I'm so sorry.

Jackie & Todd - you guys are the greatest. Thanks so much for having me - I hope you love all of your photos, and I just can't wait to go to your wedding! <3 <3

- HL

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