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Support the Artists You Know

Don't be a sideline hater -- it's 2018 and there is room for everyone to make it big.

Let's talk today about support.

"I cheer for people. I was raised to believe that there is enough sun for everybody"

This quote got me right in the feels today. There is nothing more disheartening as a small business owner and as an artist, than people who you let into your circle who don't cheer for you, who see your work online and do nothing to engage with it because your passion threatens them, who don't encourage your success or believe in your hustle, or who actively try to downplay your accomplishments and ideas.

I believe there is room for everybody to be successful. I believe everybody has something to offer. I believe that the arts are diverse and ever-changing, lending themselves well to the continuing success of a lot of different vendors all at once.

Artists need to stick together and support one another. Friends and families of artists should be encouraging and kind. I have been blessed enough to have an awesome support system - my fiance, mom, dad, aunts and uncles, cousins, sorority sisters and fellow college & high school alumni all show my business so much love -- even more than they need to and more than I'd ever ask for or expect. But I live for it, it feeds my soul (and my ego am i RIGHT?).

Remember - some people think Kylie Jenner has no talent but her billionaire ass is laughing allllll the way to the bank. TL;DR: artists- you're doing amaaazing sweetie. don't keep sideline haters in your circle.

sideline haters- did you read Harry Potter? your side doesn't win jsyk

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