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Summertime Sagamore Resort Proposal, Lake George, NY

There's nothing like a proposal on Lake Geroge!

Chris reached out to me about a month before his proposal to Katelyn, wanting to capture the big moment in a big way! We plotted and planned: there were calls, maps, alternate plans, discrete communication, smoke signals and hand gestures involved - it's very official business. In the end, we were able to pull off a flawless evening at The Sagamore - a true gem on Lake George.

What I loved most about this proposal is that most of Katelyn's family got to watch the proposal go down from the shore! While her parents did know beforehand, her sister and grandparents were just as surprised as she was. It was so sweet to get their reactions as well, and to take a bunch of cute family photos to commemorate this special day.

No stranger to gorgeous weddings and intimate lakeside proposals, the staff at The Sagamore was great and had a rose-petal covered table already prepared for the group, with lots of champagne on deck. No better way to spend an evening.

Katelyn & Chris, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so excited for you, and so thankful to have been able to document this special time in your lives!

Love forever,


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