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Surprise Proposal at The Sagamore Resort, Lake George, NY

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Um. Hi.

It's Hannah from Hannah Lux Photography. You know. Your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer, dad joke aficionado, and pasta sommelier. I'm still alive! Just sitting here with my jaw on the floor looking at all of these photos from Jason & Liz's surprise engagement at The Sagamore Resort a few weeks ago this June. People who are looking to propose to their partners - take notes here.

So first of all - I've suddenly found myself shooting again - a lot of pre-covid reschedules and other things, and every shoot is evaluated for safety on a case-by-case basis before being accepted, but I am at least somewhat partially back in action! Honestly, just being able to be around couples in love and taking photos that they'll enjoy and hang in their home and show their loved ones for years to come is enough for me. All I need. Even while wearing a mask, sanitizing my equipment between sessions, washing my hands extra extra, not hugging or shaking hands, staying 6+ feet away, and shooting with a long lens to maintain appropriate distance. But the influx of activity means my blogging is taking a backseat to ... you know... actually shooting, editing photos, talking to my beautiful clients, etc.

Jason reached out to me via ~the internet~ a few weeks before he and his then-girlfriend Liz were going on a little getaway to Lake George. He told me he had plans to propose, was I available? So we went back and forth about his vision and on the day of the proposal I zipped on up to the Sagamore - those of you who know me know that there is literally nothing more I love in this life than zipping up to the Sagamore. Truly.

On the way up, I was having mega deja vu because only two years ago I was making the same trip for another Sagamore proposal (hi, Sam & Bryan!). That proposal two years ago was similar in that only an hour before the big moment, there was that classic unpredictable Lake George downpour! Just like last time, the storm moved on quickly, the ground dried up, and we were left with the most absolutely insanely gorgeous blindingly sunny day with a cloud-strewn sky. Perfect photo backdrop.

So when I got there, Jason had seriously pulled out the stops in a way I hadn't anticipated - he had been in contact with the hotel event coordinators and they had set up a private table on the lowest cement landing right on the water with: a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, a bottle of Dom on ice (nice nice nice), and a picnic basket filled with the couples' memories throughout the years. Also a speaker, for romantic tunes. Incredible. I am still shocked.

Jason led Liz down the magnificent resort steps to the table on the water and I, blending into the crowd as a tourist taking pictures of boats and not of them, documented what happened after. The proposal itself on those iconic docks was flawless, Jason had had some friends and family members hiding out of the way to congratulate and celebrate with them after, the couple popped champagne, and then we took some cute posed photos to commemorate the joyous day.

Jason and Liz - congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy to have been the person to document this special moment for the two of you. Your love is beautiful and it was an honor to document it - wishing you a lifetime of happiness, lots of more Dom champagne pops and infinite foot-poppin' kisses (Liz really liked when I made that Princess Diaries reference - which I appreciate).


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