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Sagamore Family Portrait Session, Lake George, NY

Sometimes you have an incredible shoot, and never get around to blogging it!

That's what happened with this lovely family, who scheduled their family shoot last August, right during busy season! I was so happy to zip up to The Sagamore (one of my favorite places to shoot, btw) and run around on the docks and lawn to create precious memories of a family trip to Lake George - that I edited it excitedly and never finished my little write-up of their session! Well, here it is:

This crowd was awesome. From the grandparents to parents to kiddos, you really couldn't ask for a nicer crowd. And stylish, too! I look at these photos sometimes and think "was this a shoot full of J. Crew models or what!?". I really love a multi-generational extended family shoot because there are so many different dynamics to be captured, and so much variety to be had! Yes, we can all look at the camera and smile, but it's the human moments, the goofing around, and the cool "put your shades on!" photos that I suspect make it to the mantle in the end.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do - and hey, I know that quarantine is just starting to lift... once you get your hair and nails done, isn't it prime time to celebrate and commemorate the occasion by getting some photos taken!? #TreatYourself and contact me to make some memories ASAP!

x Hannah Lux

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