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Rachelle & Sam's Engagement Session at Olana State Historic Site, Hudson NY

I love when clients bring me to new places. I spend a lot of time searching out that perfect spot for an engagement session, but sometimes I can only go so far. When Rachelle and Sam suggested the Olana State Historic Site / park, I was immediately intrigued. Closer to where they're from in Hudson, NY, this was a little adventure for me to embark on.

What I discovered is that this place is an absolute hidden gem. Rachelle and Sam really wanted to get photos of that gorgeous sunset that lights up the valley and the Catskills, so we waited out the weather and the sun, then got into position and... well, you'll just have to see the results. 

I can't wait for this couple's September wedding in Mt. Tremper, NY -- another new place for me! Guys - thanks for showing me all these gorgeous new places and chasing the sunsets. It's been real!

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