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Of all the things my hands have held...

I like to take pictures of hands. Why? There is a lot of emphasis on getting the “detail shots” of all the STUFF you have at your wedding. The rings, the invites, the gown, etc. Those things do not really change with time. Hands, however, will age and mature with a person. When you’re 80, imagine looking back at a photo of your 25 year old hands holding those of your spouse. 

Your hands will hold each other and toast champagne and shake to greet new people and unlock your shared home together and turn off the lights and turn on the lights and pet your cats and tuck your children in and squeeze each other tight.

Your hands will give people gifts and wave at your neighbors and shovel your driveway and throw snowballs and put on your favorite records and point out new landmarks and close business deals and hold the door for strangers and wipe tears away. It’s beautiful. It’s life. 

Why don’t we document hands the way that we document items?

So yes — take those detail shots and capture every perfect item of your perfect day - but don’t forget to get your hands in there. Our things are just things, but we bring them to life with the way we love them.


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