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Monica & Mike's Engagement Session, Schoharie, NY

What better way to build the hype around Monica & Mike's wedding photos - which are currently being edited - than to post their dreamy Schoharie engagement session!?

This was my first time meeting this fantastic couple in person - we'd spoken on the phone before, but it wasn't until this day that I got to experience all that is "Monica + Mike" IRL. Let me tell you this... I immediately loved them. I mean, I already loved them when I spoke with Monica on the phone to book her Sagamore wedding... but meeting someone in person is a whole other experience.

We frolicked around Monica's family's property, taking cute candids and gorgeous scenic shots... laughing, twirling, and getting a few bug bites along the way. All was worth it, because I just love the way these came out!

Stay tuned for their WEDDING PHOTOS which will make an appearance on the blog in a big way this fall!



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