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Michael & Jill's Surprise Proposal at Inness, Accord, NY

Surprise proposals are the absolute best.

When Michael, a former SUNY Oneonta classmate of mine, reached out to plan his proposal to Jill, I was super excited about making this day super special for all involved.

A fellow photographer, Michael had a great vision for the proposal itself, the location ( a very cute boutique hotel called Inness ), the cover story and the scenery. He really pulled out all the stops to make sure that:

  1. The location of the proposal was aesthetic, secluded, and with lots of great artistic contrast!

  2. The pictures came out flawless, and most importantly...

  3. That Jill would be COMPLETELY surprised.

Michael invented a story about how he needed to be in the area to shoot a wedding, and convinced Jill to come along after showing receipts on receipts of a fake email thread he had been writing on, pretending to be a bride and groom for a Mohonk Mountain House wedding. We must respect the dedication.

When the time came for the proposal itself, I could see the surprise and excitement on Jill's face and was so happy to get to witness and document such a special moment for these two very special people. We explored the property afterward and captured allll the perfect golden hour pictures we could before the sun set on us.

Michael & Jill - CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement. You two are awesome, I hope this was the best weekend ever, and I hope these photos are the perfect way to relive it all.


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