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Meghan and Will's Engagement Session in Lake George, NY

Let's talk about Meghan and Will... what a cool couple! They're perfect together - super nice, great sense of humor, and are getting married next year. When I first met Meghan, I knew we'd get along and be able to make some awesome memories together. I met Will just before we started taking engagement photos, but these two are so easy to get along with that it took very little time to become acquainted!

Will is a Lake George native, so he had a few perfect spots in mind for their engagement session. Boy, am I glad we chose the locations we chose! We managed to choose one of the first very warm days up on the lake, and we even got a colorful sunset towards the end of the session. A perfect day.

Meghan & Will - I'm so looking forward to your wedding next year. Can't wait!

PS - be on the lookout for another shoot with Meghan and all her sisters!

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