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Meg & Derek's Sagamore Engagement Session, Lake George - Upstate New York


Meg & Derek are THE COOLEST AND NICEST COUPLE EVER. They booked me last year and immediately scheduled their dreamy fall engagement session up at The Sagamore on Lake George. Meg is a cousin of my longtime client and great friend Steven (you remember Steven & JP's elopement from 2020, yes!?) - and when I found out they were related I was sooo happy because I knew the vibes would be immaculate!

Meg & Derek & I met up to catch some mid-day sun at The Sagamore, play with the light, and take some of the prettiest engagement pictures I've ever taken there. The gorgeousness of these images was partially because of the amazing scenery and light, but I have to say that 99.9% of why these images rock is because Meg & Derek have such a fantastic connection and chemistry in front of the lens! I just can't wait to shoot their wedding this year at The Promise Gardens - it is going to be EVERYTHING.

M+D - I hope you love these images as much as I do. I'll see you SO SOON for the big day!


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