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Martika & Anthony's Historic Barns of Nipmoose Engagement Session

I have no words!

Just kidding, I always have words. I am a chatty gal. Martika and Anthony reached out to me last year about wanting to do an engagement session, but decided to hold off. This year, they were ready! They wanted a 2-hour session with a pretty autumn backdrop. I had some suggestions of favorite places of mine that I love to shoot at, but I also thought of the Historic Barns of Nipmoose - a venue I had long admired but never shot at. Upon doing some research, it was determined that they were available on the date we wanted and that their location offered A1 fall foliage. Game on!

We had the best weather for this shoot - not too hot or cold, sun, a pretty sky, and peak foliage to boot. Obviously, this stunning and charismatic couple brought their A-game. Between the perfect couple, perfect weather, and perfect backdrop, getting some amazing engagement images was pretty much guaranteed. I absolutely loved working with Martika and Anthony, as well as the very kind people from Nipmoose!

Take a look at these photos and let me know if you think this "golden hour" is the best yet!


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