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Mandy & Nick's Dreamy Saratoga State Park Engagement Session, Saratoga Springs NY

Hi guys. It's me again. Your wedding photography spirit animal, dad joke aficionado, pizza sommelier, and (I think) pretty decent gal who lives to give you alllllll the best photos of the best time in your life. Have you missed me since my last post, uh, yesterday?

Today I'm sharing a shoot that is NEAR and DEAR to my heart. Sometimes you show up on site and you're really freakin' feeling it. Mandy & Nick are these cool, stylish, all around nice people who look, the location and their outfits had me absolutely vining for some reason. I think it was Mandy's hat that really threw me over the edge into photo dreamland.

Anyways -- the photos that resulted are giving me LIFE. Drop a comment or share this post if you agree. Thank you guys for coming out to take allll the gorgeous photos with me, I had such a great time and hope you did too!

- HL

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