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Madeleine & Dave's Egypt Beach Engagement Session, East Hampton, NY

“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.” Bram Stoker

Those who know me know this: I absolutely love going down to Long Island to shoot. I truly love any excuse to take a long drive, catch up on my podcasts, and visit with my family in Central Islip that I only get to see so many times a year. I especially love going to East Hampton to shoot. It's a new obsession of mine after my last couple shoots there!

So without further ado, meet Madeleine and Dave! What a fantastic couple with great personalities and great on-camera chemistry. These two reached out to me over the summer after seeing my last East Hampton NY shoot on Georgica Beach, wanting to do something similar at a nearby location. Madeleine is a fellow creative, which I absolutely love. As we were shooting and she told me of her last book and her upcoming book release, I told myself I would immediately buy & read a copy of Breathe in, Cash Out the second I got home - and you should do the same!

I drove down to Long Island in early September and met Madeleine and Dave at Egypt Beach (a gorgeous East Hampton spot), and spent a few hours taking photos to celebrate their engagement. Boy, do I love these photos! You may notice that these images, taken at golden hour, appear extra "golden", and that you can see the full outline of the sun in many of them. This is the result of a few factors: 1.) we shot at golden hour (the last two hours before the sun sets) to increase our chances of soft pretty light and an interesting sky, 2.) we did get lucky with a very interesting sky, and 3.) this shoot took place around the same time that the smoke from the California wildfires was passing over NY, adding "atmosphere" to the atmosphere and hazing out the sun in such a way that these photos are extra unique. "Possibly one of a kind," she said humbly.

Another reason these photos are so special is that this couple is incredible. They came prepared with props and activities, and like I said before, they just have a natural on-camera comfort and presence that is helpful in taking great, authentic photographs.

Yes, Madeleine & Dave's engagement shoot was absolutely one for the books. Take a look at the gorgeous results below!


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