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Beachy Long Island Engagement Session with Maddie & Kevin, Islip, NY

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

"I'm experiencing a lot of things right now"

- some fast food commercial that precisely describes the way I feel looking at these pics

You ever meet someone and you're like YES. THIS RIGHT HERE. THESE PEOPLE. INSTANT LOVE. THIS IS MY VIBE. ?

That's how I felt from my first FaceTime with Maddie and Kevin when they were shopping around for wedding photographers. It was some weeknight, and I sat on my living room floor, ready for the standard "get to know you call". I had my glass of wine off camera, because I thought it might make too boozy a first impression if I were blatantly imbibing at our first meeting (my view on this have since changed, we will all drink when we meet each other because we are adults and we are allowed!) - but when Maddie ducked out of frame to get HER wine glass I was like, "oh hell yeah, this is my crowd".

I knew that we were an instant photographer-couple love match from that very second. These two booked me, and then told me that they had seen one of my East Hampton blogs and really wanted to do their engagement session there. Cue another "OH HELL YEAH", because Long Island beaches and dreamy engagement sessions on them are my literal fave. My absolute jam. Just like this couple!

At our session, Maddie and Kevin were just, in a word, perfect. First of all - look at them. Gorgeous humans. Duh. They had also studied engagement session Tik Tok and really brought their A-game! I had a feeling they'd do a champagne pop just based on who they are as a couple, and they'd told me they'd get into the water a bit but I did not foresee these two things:

  1. JUST HOW DEEP into the water these two would get (full send, I fucking love it), and ...

  2. OUR WILDLIFE ADVENTURE?? The deer at our shoot location were VERY socialized and make many appearances throughout their shoot. As a Nat Geo wannabe I was thrilled, as a person who has never been that close to a deer before... I had concerns.

Guys, I can't tell you how much I love your faces and your spirits. Thank you for going for the absolute GOLD with me, I can't wait to do it all again next year, but perhaps with a bit less deer. Some deer, just... less.



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