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Liz & Dave's Engagement Session in the Stockade Historic District, Schenectady NY

Liz and Dave are one of those couples who make me grateful that this job continually gives me the opportunity to meet new people every time I go out for a session. Getting to know a little about their lives while also getting to witness their connection in action was a really enjoyable experience.

At Liz's suggestion, we used the setting of the Stockade Historic District in Schenectady, NY, as the backdrop for our E-session. I'd never gotten the chance to explore this area though I'd passed by it on many occasions - and I must say... what a truly beautiful neighborhood! The small park overlooking the Mohawk river, the architecture of the buildings, the lanterns, the cobblestones, the greenery... It was not difficult to find many beautiful locations to shoot at!

Liz & Dave are getting married next year and I'm so glad we got the chance to use our session as a way to learn about each other. I knew we'd be a good fit from the start just based on their sense of humor.. and during our shoot that feeling was solidified when Liz shared with me her love of animals! Any couple I can unabashedly talk about cats with for an hour or so is A-OK in my book! Counting the days until the big day!

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