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Libby and Kenny's Beach Engagement Session, East Hampton, NY

"We were thinking of bringing a pizza and a bottle of champagne to the beach," they emailed me. Cue me fainting at my computer screen.

I want to call this “the perfect storm”. This is what happens when you mix an amazing couple, amazing location, and amazing weather all into one shoot.

When Libby reached out to me take engagement photos shortly after getting engaged in Rome (so romantic, I’m emotional), I was so excited. First of all, she and Kenny are such an awesome couple and I was so happy for them just as an observer of their lives / engagement announcement on social media. I was also excited because I loved the idea of being able to take some beautiful photos with some friends from the not-so-distant past.

Fellow SUNY Oneonta alums & members of Greek life in school, Libby and I were in Alpha Kappa Phi together, and Kenny was in Chi Phi. I think knowing eachother beforehand helped because that crucial photographer-client rapport was already established before we even started. These two are so timelessly stylish, personable, and so clearly in love... I just knew that their photos would be something really special (hint, they were!).

In the Hamptons on a kinda chilly, sorta breezy, yet STILL gorgeously sunny day, we met up and just had fun running all over Georgica Beach — chasing the light for all the best photos. Pizza was eaten, champagne was popped and toasted, and photo magic was made. I hope you love these just as much as I do. I think we hit it out of the park.

Thanks guys, and congratulations again <3

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