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Lauren & John's Engagement Session at Saratoga State Park in Saratoga Springs, NY

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

This past September I met with and booked yet another pair of dream clients - the most fun, cool, sophisticated, and lively people a photographer could imagine. The kind of people you can just get lost in conversation with because you get on so well. In other words, my entire heart and soul.

Lauren and John are one of those couples. You know what I mean - they have the best energy, laugh 20 times a minute, and have 1,000 inside jokes. If an initial client meeting was called a "vibe check," we all passed.

Within the first few takes of our shoot, John was already climbing a mountain (okay, it was a large, steep hill but you get the point) to get that next most unique shot (scroll a little, you'll find it). Later on, they decided time was ripe to do a "pour" shot, which of course resulted in the desired image of a long distance pour from Lauren's champagne bottle to John's mouth, but it also resulted in a champagne geyser featuring John's face. I left those outtakes in. They were delighted. That's what I like so much about these two - that a few funny photos were totally up their alley.

Do I look forward to every single upcoming wedding because I love every single one of my couples? YES. Are Lauren and John included in that category one of those couples whose wedding will give me #life? ALSO YES. Can't wait to shoot your wedding / go to a secondary location with you two!

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