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Laura & Asher's Engagement Session in Central Park, New York City, NY

On a Saturday this past November, I took the train down to New York City to meet with Laura and Asher for their engagement shoot. The plan was to tackle as many hot spots in Central Park as we could - the goal? Gorgeous photos, fodder for their Save the Dates, and to get them comfortable in front of the camera before their 2020 wedding in Saratoga.

This was one of the last non-snowy November days that still rung of Autumn - note the super saturated (and basically straight out of camera) rust-colored & deep yellow light that shines through in most of these, the foliage still clinging to the trees, and well-spread layer of discarded leaves on the ground. All of these elements combine to shroud an already lovely Central Park backdrop in a bit of what I'd like to call the "Upstate NY" look.

But as I always say, a gorgeous backdrop does not a good image make. It is the subject, the connection, and the story told on that scene that evokes emotion. I really think that the connection between Laura and Asher, their comfort with one another and undeniable style (no lie, I've been searching for a skirt like Laura's ever since) are what make this shoot one of my favorites of all time. I found myself mesmerized during post-processing at not only the way they interact with each other but the way they interact with the camera. I almost feel like they're looking right at me through my computer instead of right at the camera when I see these photos.

You've heard of golden hour - I know this because you're on my blog. But do you know about blue hour? You're going to learn about it today.

Wikipedia, the source for all real intellectuals, tells us "The blue hour is the period of twilight when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade, which differs from the one visible during most of a clear day"

As you scroll through, you'll notice that we got a bit hung up in the park after sunset and hit blue hour. It's a big place and there were lots of spots we just couldn't move past without shooting. We ended up at the Jackie O Reservoir after the sun set and - I'll be honest - blue hour wasn't the plan. And I didn't do anything special to these photos. I didn't edit in the bokeh, the clouds, the moon, or enhance the blue color of the sky. These photos were a "right place, right time, once in a lifetime" experience.

I cannot wait for Laura and Asher's wedding - it will surely be one of the stand-outs of next year!

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