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Kristen & D.J.'s Engagement Session at Chenango Valley State Park


Kristen & D.J. are quite simply a fantastic couple. A dream couple!

Kristen and I found each other through our college sorority, Alpha Kappa Phi (SUNY Oneonta). Our time at school did not overlap, but the great thing about that type of friend group / sisterhood means you get connected with people through a few degrees of separation regardless.

So this past autumn, I set out on a cross-state voyage to shoot this session - actually hitting Oneonta with my mom (my favorite photo-road-trip companion!!) on the way for a little bit of college comfort food :P. Kristen and D.J. are such a great couple - their natural on-&off-camera chemistry, mixed with their sense of style and the cool late-autumn backdrop they chose really wow'd me!

Looking at these photos gets me SO pumped for their Summer '21 wedding because I just know it's going to be the most amazing event, and so photogenic from the couple (well DUH) all the way to the detail shots!

PS - a few weeks ago Kristen posted this cute photo on her Insta story of a hand-knitted twist-headband and I reacted to it saying how cute it was, and get this - SHE SENT ME ONE IN THE MAIL, ALONG WITH A SAVE THE DATE FOR MY WALL OF CLIENTS. I could cry and cry. Stay tuned for a photo of that at the end!

Love you guys, can't wait for the summer!

- HL

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