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Kim & Steve's Robert Moses State Park Engagement Session, Long Island, NY

Every time I sit down to write one of these posts, my first inclination is to talk about how speechless the photoshoot left me. Which is ironic, because I end up saying SO many things in the post about how much I love the resulting photos.

Here it goes, Kim & Steve: what a couple! I met Kim in college at SUNY Oneonta - she was my big sister's big sister in my sorority (G-big for those who know the lingo) and I'm happy to say we've stayed in touch ever since.

When Kim got engaged, I was super excited for her. I knew how great of a couple these two made, and was just so happy to see an old friend's exciting life events unfold. I was also excited to see the wedding photos, because Kim is the most beautiful angel I think who has ever existed. I can really appreciate a gorgeous wedding photo, for obvious reasons. And yes, I said "see the wedding photos", not take. 1 - because I am not so cocky that I assume that every single person I know who gets engaged will use me as their photographer, and 2. because word on the street is that I'll be a wedding guest, which is literally the most exciting thing in the world to me <3!!

Imagine my delight, though, when I received a message from the soon-to-be Mr & Mrs, asking me to come down to Long Island to shoot engagement photos. All I could say was YES, because I was happy-dancing too much to type a proper response.

So just a month or so ago this past May, the three of us (+ Jax the pup) ran around on the beach and Robert Moses boardwalk paths, soaking up all of the glorious golden light, popping champagne, and taking every beautiful pic we could possibly imagine. I love these photos.

Congratulations, Kim & Steve, on your new life adventure and this seriously exciting time for you! See you at the wedding, with cocktails instead of cameras <3

Love forever, han

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