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Keren & Brett's Engagement Session at The Sagamore Resort, Lake George, NY

HI. This is a difficult intro to write because. I. Don't. Have. Words?

Keren & Brett are getting married in a few short weeks, so when they were Upstate for a spontaneous getaway on Lake George, they thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to meet for the first time in person, and to do a mini-session on-site at their lodging - The Sagamore.

Y'all already know my love for this place, so I don't have to go on about that. Let's instead talk about my love for THIS COUPLE! These two are the best. So fun, so nice, and so photogenic! We had such a great time celebrating their engagement and practicing for the wedding - which I truly can't wait for.

Keren & Brett - see you guys SO soon. Thanks for doing this mini with me!


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