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Adelphi Hotel Surprise Proposal, Downtown Saratoga Springs, NY: Kent & Julia

Kent proposed to his then-girlfriend / now-fiance Julia at The Adelphi Hotel a few weeks ago. He and I planned it all out beforehand - I would pose as an Adelphi employee and nonchalantly ask if the two of them wanted a photo. When I went to take the photo... he'd pop out the ring and pop the question. It was sneaky and clever and I loved it so much!

You can see from the images that Julia was so surprised and so, so happy! It was just plain awesome to get to be a part of this experience and this joy. Something about a proposal reminds me of a beginning of a love story. I know that a love story really starts when you meet your person, but maybe the proposal is the solidification of that and the beginning of your life as one entity. Either way, I freakin' loved these two. They were great to get to know and hang with for a bit. After the "yes!" the three of us ran around taking allll the holly & jolly night photos we could using The Adelphi's gorgeous decorations and warm winter lights.

Enjoy these pretty pictures and stay posted for more proposal blogs... it's engagement season y'all!

HL <3

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