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Keeping Positive in the Face of Rejection

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Hearing the word "no" isn't fun for anyone, but there is an upside to every downturn.

Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs, we hear it sometimes.

Don't let yourself get too down.

I'd say that a healthy 15% of the people who reach out to me end up not responding to my initial greeting post-inquiry. What every photographer finds most disappointing, however, is when potential clients reach out just before a set meeting with the soul-crushing, "we've booked another photographer so we'd like to cancel our meeting". I know, it isn't what I wanted to hear, right? That's okay. Instead of getting caught up and thinking about all the things I could've done differently, all the ways another photographer's portfolio measures up against mine... I keep in mind my current clients who are obsessed with my work, my presence on social media, my personality, and all the things I do for them that shows that I care. That's what I need to keep in the forefront of my mind. I think about the people who love what I've done for them - not the occasional setbacks I face.

Sometimes people find their perfect fit and it just isn't me -- and that's okay. It's honestly for the better because I firmly believe that the most important thing in booking a photographer, aside from loving their portfolio and knowing that they have an undeniable know-how for wedding photography, is that you click with their personality and they make you feel comfortable.

The best thing I can do when I hear a "no" is to be here if they ever reach out again with a smile on my face and an open heart.


Happy holidays!

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