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Katherine & Andy's Lakeside Engagement Session, Saratoga Springs, NY

THESE PHOTOS! Omg, can I just say that this was one of these sessions where my mouth was hanging open the entire time editing because I was so blown away with how amazing this couple is!? I am obsessed with these photos in the best way.

Katherine and Andy found me via Instagram and wanted to come up to Saratoga for an engagement shoot. Originally, we were going to do a pretty intense hike up in Lake George, but at the last minute switched to this location since it was closer to where they'd be staying. The three of us PLUS their soon-to-be in-laws came along (for outfit & makeup support!), and we had a great time exploring this quaint lakeside nature trail I love so much.

Although we may or may not have shot for a little longer than intended to capture all of that gorgeous sunset from start to finish, we still made it back to our cars just as civil twilight ended. Was it slightly nerve-wracking taking an unexpected night-hike? Yes, but the photos are worth it!

Take a look at these stunning autumn photos and tell me Katherine and Andy aren't total naturals! Who would believe this was their first pro photoshoot!? PS - stay tuned for the end, featuring Katherine's review AND a behind-the-scenes image of yours truly.

Wishing you two all the happiness in the world <3

- HL

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