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Kaelyn & Andy's Engagement Session at Indian Ladder Farms, Altamont, NY

Documenting important life events for old friends is just so special, and with Kaelyn, it was like picking back up where we left off! Kaelyn and I were high school track / cross country / YMCA / McCarrolls buddies (in that order), and always had such a great time together when we hung out in ~ the old days ~. Are we old enough to even have old days? I feel like we are. Maybe. We also spent countless hours in our high school darkroom and digital photography class, being sent out on photo assignments, and trying to impress our teacher, Mrs. Roe. I never did, but maybe now?

When I saw online that Kaelyn and Andy had gotten engaged, I was so excited for them! I think we all have that feeling when we see an old friend progress on with exciting life events - we smile at our phone screen, double tap, and reminisce a bit. So, when Kaelyn reached out to me straight off a Married, With Cocktails episode, I was VERY exited. I wanted to hear all of the details of her engagement and upcoming wedding... and she wanted photography! I could have sang. I still might. It is such an honor to be able to capture every perfect moment for this beautiful human / real life beam of sunshine.

Kaelyn and Andy are a SUPER sweet, funny couple with a great vibe. Our engagement session at Indian Ladder Farms was my first time meeting Andy IRL, and I immediately knew that they were the perfect match. They laugh & joke, they look at each other in a very "Jim and Pam" way, and they always cheers their food. I mean... that's love right there. It was love just watching them!

I just know that their wedding next year in Western New York is going to be such a special day, filled with love, humor, the support of a great set of friends and family, and good feelings all around. Guys - thank you SO much for asking me to be your photographer. It means the world, and I can't wait to make all of your photographic dreams come true. I am so excited to do this thing with ya!



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