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JP & Steven's Adirondack Mountaintop Pre-Elopement Engagement Photos, Lake George, NY

This past summer, I met two people who quickly became two of my favorite clients ever.

Looking for a photographer to document their intimate August elopement, JP and Steven reached out a month or so before the big day and we immediately hit it off on our FaceTime consultation. Big believers in connections and some form of divine/fateful intervention, we all felt that the similarities and coincidences in our lives were a big sign that we were supposed to find each other and work together to capture some really meaningful elopement images.

Fast forward a week or two before the big day, and they wanted to do a pre-wedding engagment photoshoot on a mountaintop overlooking northern Lake George. Um, yes!? Just days later, were making our way up a 2-3 mile climb as I was sweating profusely whilst trying my hardest to keep up a casual conversational tone to disguise how horribly out of shape I was. I don't think I succeeded in covering up my heavy breathing but neither JP nor Steven called me out on it - which I greatly appreciate. LOL.

The view from the top was immaculate and I could tell why they wanted this to be the scene of their shoot. We spent the next few hours chatting, laughing, and taking great photos together. What a great way to get to know a couple a few days before their wedding!

These are some of my favorite photos to date - they have all of my favorite things: a dynamic couple in love, gorgeous ADK views, and a champagne pop or two. It truly can't get any better than that!

JP & Steven, there is nobody I would rather get semi-lost on a dark mountain with after just a few days of knowing each other. Kidding; I know we were never lost! But for real, thank you so much for having me to document this special time!

Stay tuned for the highlights from their stunning backyard elopement!


PS. look hard enough at the last few pics and you'll see the moon in the upper left corner!

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