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Jessica & Patrick in Downtown Saratoga Springs, NY

Hello, hello, hello! I'm riding a serious photo-high right now, as I just finished uploading & delivering these pictures to this amazing couple today. I know that I say that I adore every single couple I meet - but that's only because it's true!

Jessica and Patrick wanted to get their engagement shoot done before they moved down to Florida -- you know, document the snow before they live in a warm place that has none (lucky...), and also to document all of the places they've loved in this magnificent city in the past few years. This is one of my favorite perks of taking engagement photos --- the wedding day often can't include the streets, parks, and restaurants you frequent as a couple. Why not use those special locations as a backdrop for your engagement photos? Take a look at these beautiful people -- they really did it right! Oh and one more thing... When I ask people to dance during their shoots, or at least to pretend to dance, I never know to expect. It's probably a self-manifested hesitancy I have because I don't know how to dance, but these two. THESE TWO. They absolutely killed it. They are seasoned pros at dancing, I could've let them go on all day! Take a look at these - hope ya like em. I sure do!


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