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Jenna & Kyle's Lakeside Upstate NY Engagement Session

LONG TIME, NO BLOGS! Welcome back, so great to see ya again :)

I've been kind of hiding in my editing bunker as I work through a bunch of projects, but I couldn't resist popping back in to show all of you Jenna & Kyle's lakeside engagement session! These two found the cutest secret Upstate NY spot to take their photos at and brought their new puppy Milo for good measure, thus solidifying their portraits as having the 4 crucial elements for the cutest pics:

  1. Lakeside #viewz

  2. Golden hour sunset light <3

  3. A furry friend!

  4. Two people who love each other dearly

Take a look at their stunning golden hour portraits - I absolutely cannot wait for their Summer 2021 wedding! Thanks for running around chasing light with me!

- HL

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