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How I Fight off Business Insecurities Every Single Day

I am an entrepreneur, a strong businesswoman in the making... but I am also a millennial only child. I get discouraged easily if I let my mind run wild.

I have this issue all the time when I'm trying to diet or go to the gym. If I don't see the numbers on the scale change, even if I feel great and am putting in all the work.... I lose myself a little bit. I think  "why bother, what am I even doing?". 

That analogy was a bit of a stretch / not “on brand,” but I feel the same way with my business sometimes. It's funny, I spend so much time putting myself out there on social media, editing my photos, updating my website, and working with clients.. that sometimes I get stressed out when a new initiative I started doesn't take off within 10 minutes of announcing it. 

I'll doubt myself if I don't get a flood of new inquiries in a few days... easily forgetting the three weddings I booked last week (I actually did book three weddings last week omg), the two people I'm in conversations with, or the current clients I have who keep blowing up my phone about how excited they are about the photos I just sent them, whose photos I labored over and love as my very own.

We all get anxious to advance. We all care so much about our work and get so excited about our potential that it's easy to feel like a failure if things don't happen RIGHT NOW. 

Here's the key: we need to keep plugging on, in public and in private. Sit down and take stock of all of the amazing things you've accomplished to date, all the amazing people who love you and your work, and everything you like about what you're doing. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe. So stay zen, stay determined, stay grateful... and it'll all work out.


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