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Helen & Taylor's Central Park Engagement Session, New York City, NY

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Taylor and Helen are the best. For those of you who have been around for a while - I shot their engagement this past winter in NYC, and a couples session with them a few summers ago. They are my good pals and I am so very excited for their wedding, and life together!

I ventured down to the city back in April with these two with the goal of an epic, multi-hour, multi-outfit sunrise shoot in Central Park. Why sunrise? Well, not only is that a pretty solid time if you're looking to avoid a ton of crowding in these popular spots, but first and foremost it is an important time to the future Galanos, as they are avid hikers and walkers who enjoy that quiet dawn experience.

Helen woke up at 1am to start hair & makeup - the dedication is impeccable - and looked absolutely fabulous for the entire session. When we arrived, our only competition were the birdwatchers, who moved in and out pretty quickly.. and man do I love these photos! Taylor and Helen have a very clear love for one another and a very charismatic camera presence! A big fan of having professional photos taken, Helen knew all the moves before I even gave direction. We just... simply love to see it!

Taylor & Helen, you're amazing and I wish you nothing but the best life together. I feel so lucky to have the two of you as friends and clients, and am so excited for all that is to come for you!

<3 HL

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