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Figure Out Who You Are (I Think I Have)

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Why am I in this business? What do I bring to the table?

My aesthetic is photojournalistic and classic, with an artistic twist and an emphasis on authenticity

My personal image is just as much a part of my brand because I'm with my clients from initial outreach to cake-cutting. I'm the dreaded millennial coming into a multi-million dollar industry that's classically been dominated by men -- and making a dent in the already-saturated Saratoga Springs market. 

I'm 25 years old, and I'm getting married next October -- so not only have I worked my fair share of customer service jobs, but I'm also experiencing the whole wedding process from the bride's perspective at the same time. It's people my age who are getting married. I know what people my age value in a customer service experience. Aside from a strong portfolio and unquestionable know-how, we really want a genuine personal connection and a level of comfort with our wedding vendors. 

What we don't want is someone with a bad attitude mansplaining what we want and need, inflexible, jaded in the industry and stuck in their ways. I didn't hire a single vendor who spent our entire meeting talking about themselves without asking my fiance's name or how we met. I don't believe in the attitude of "been there, done that" with weddings - because every wedding is unique, special, and exciting. I'm here to make people happy, not just to make money. That's what sets me apart. 

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